Womens NCAA

The 2021 division 3 Women’s volleyball championship was Calvin vs. Wisconsin Eau Claire. Both teams played on the campus of St. Louis, MO for the NCAA championship. The number six seed Calvin University taking on the fourth seed Wisconsin Eau Claire. Both teams are well balanced and have similar statics on each side.

During the first set both teams have strong blocking and defensive. Calvin University is a strong serving team so Wisconsin Eau Claire needs to step up and play a strong serve receive game.

Wisconsin Eau Claire is making their first appearance on the NCAA championship. While Calvin had made previous appearances in 2011, 2013, 2016 in NCAA.

The first set was taken by Wisconsin Eau Claire with a big left side attack. The score for the first set was 25 to 22 which was close.

The second set was again taken by the blugold (Wisconsin Eau Claire) with a middle attack into the deep corner and finishing the set 25 to 23. Putting a major advantage for the blugold 2-0.

The third set was finished by Wisconsin Eau Claire putting them 3-0. In the first time in program history Wisconsin Eau Claire became the NCAA champions for division 3 Women’s Volleyball.