QCQ 4/5

Name Viktoria Pavlyuk

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22

Date Due 4/5/2022

QCQ is short for “Quotation-Comment-Question.” It begins with a Quotation of 1-3 sentences. It then has a Comment. And it then asks a Question that encourages engagement from others. A good QCQ gives you something to bring to the table and offers something worth discussing in class. Earn full credit (1000 points) for a QCQ that touches all 3 bases – and is in on time.

QCQ for _______Instagram is Toxic for Teen girls __________________________________

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“Its a very critical time and they are trying to figure out themselves and everything around them.” (pg 7)

Comment (250-500 words)

Now in today’s society media plays a huge role in everyone’s life. Mostly everyone today uses it to communicate and learn. However, there are many pros and cons to social media. Many people develop body dysmorphia. People also tend to comment on how “people should look like” or what is considered “pretty”. Body types are all different and especially when being a young teenager your body is still growing and social media can cause medical issues for teens due to eating disorders to “look pretty” or thin. 


Many men also face body dysmorphia issues, why is it less looked upon? 

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