GIf – 2


In the mornings I have a cup of tea instead of Coffee. Most people usually have a cup of coffee to make them ready for the day. I only tend to have coffee on certain occasions.


After my mornings I have to go commute to school. It is about 23-minute drive to campus.

Almost every day I come home around 4 pm or 3 Pm from UNE. I make sure I am all set with my classes and have no after-school meetings. Once I get home I make sure to give my cat Ollie dinner and change his water bowl to some new freshwater. If I have some extra free time I tend to catch a 30-minute nap and cuddle with Ollie. He tends to have a grumpy look on his face all the time but I promise he always is happy 🙂


On Wednesdays or Mondays, I have to head back to campus at 6:30 pm to go to the team lift. Our volleyball team meets every week and we do our lifts together. On any other day, I tend to start my homework early and get some extra study time in. Usually, my Tuesday nights are my most busy because the next day I have biology lab in the morning and classes back to back. I usually review my work/ homework and preview my prelab assignments. Once I complete my homework I check my agenda to see what I need to complete tomorrow after school and then prepare for bed.


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