Ds106 – Brady Brunch remix

ds106 assignment For this week’s assignment, we had to do a remix of the previous photo “the Brady Brunch”. I did not know this show existed until now, so at first, I did not really understand the concept of doing it. I did some research and found out it was an older TV Show. Now I will remix it to “the Pavlyuk Punch” and the top left photo is one…

Ds106 Pano

ds106 assignment For this week’s assignment, we had to do panoramic photos and label them “be your own best friend”. My friend and I decided to do the assignment last minute in the commons bathroom for fun and I messed up my photo however I liked how funny it turned out to be.

Ds106 Assignment – MEME 1

Meme 1

Daily Create

ds106 assignment For this week’s daily create I have chosen to put down “making a recipe for comfort food”. For example, the definition of comfort is “Comfort (or being comfortable) is a sense of physical or psychological ease”. For most people, it can be food.

Daily Create

ds 106 assignment #tdc3752 this week I decided to keep it simple. I had no idea what to put for the retro theme post. I just put “daily create number 11”.

Vball Positions

Volleyball has many positions and is not actually played rotating around in a circle like a gym class. Each position has different roles and bases in the game. One position is an outside hitter, they usually play on the left front of the court. They also carry the responsibilities of passing and playing defense when they get to the back row. Outsides are sometimes called OH or pin hitters and…

gif 4

I had made the Gif, but no idea how to make it go faster then it goes now. However, I picked lilo and stitch because I remember it being one of my favorite movies to watch when I was younger.

Daily Create

I absolutely hate slow drivers or people who do not know how to drive normally. One of my pet peeves is when people drive below the speed limit I believe that is extremely unnecessary.


ds106 assignment I used a photo of my cat in this week’s assignment. I thought it was an easy assignment to accomplish and overall funny. For the poster, I used Optimism, and obviously, the cat isn’t so happy. I also used some texts and remixed them for this assignment for the (de) motivational poster. .

Daily Create

Ds106 assignment This week I had found this ds106 assignment “The world needs more….. butterflies”. I liked this one because many people did different colored butterflies and you were able to customize your own.