Volleyball Background

The sport volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, in Holyoke Massachusetts. He was a physical director that designed an indoor sport for individuals that did not want to play basketball. Volleyball is a game played by two teams and each team has six players on one side of the net. The net heights vary between men’s and women’s volleyball. A team is only allowed three touches before the ball needs to be sent over the net to the opposing team.

History of Volleyball | Invented 1895 | History Behind Volleyball

Throughout the year volleyball continues to grow and more rules are added to the game. Back then people ended to serve the ball underhanded, however, the level of play has increased and become more competitive.

The game is played on a smooth-surfaced court 30 feet wide by 160 feet long, divided by a centerline into two equal areas, one of which is selected by or assigned to each of the two competing teams.