Frog Jump VBall (Blog 2)

The FrogJump Volleyball is an NCAA Championship for athletes. The program FrogJump Volleyball is devoted to the maximum full coverage, analysis, and discussion of Division 3 Men’s volleyball. This tournament gives opportunities for the D3VB community to play amongst each other competitively on the East Coast.

In the United States Volleyball is most popular on the West coast and is predominantly a “women’s sport”. On the East Coast, there has been an increase in travel volleyball clubs and programs that have been encouraging both more men and women to play. Programs like The FrogJump Volleyball give recognition to the D3VB community.

On the FrogJump Volleyball website, they have gathered the top 20 Men’s D3 Volleyball teams. The project director is Ramius Pruiss and he has been working with many volleyball teams to showcase skills, lessons, teamwork, and competitiveness.

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