Vball Positions

Volleyball has many positions and is not actually played rotating around in a circle like a gym class. Each position has different roles and bases in the game.

One position is an outside hitter, they usually play on the left front of the court. They also carry the responsibilities of passing and playing defense when they get to the back row. Outsides are sometimes called OH or pin hitters and typically get the most sets because it is the easiest place to set the ball.

Another position is an opposite hitter, they usually play on the right front. Opposite hitters earned that title because they are opposite to the strong (left) side hitter. An opposite is also known as a right side or OPP and it is responsible for setting up the block against the opposing team.

The middle blocker is another position in volleyball. The middle blocker is also called an MB and is usually the team’s best blocker. In the MB position it is mostly fast-tempo sets and only plays in the front row. The Middle sets are some of the most difficult to set and require good passes.

Another position is a setter, the setter’s primary responsibility is to take the second ball. They set the pall to the front row hitters. The setter usually is the decision-maker and is in charge of running the team’s offense. The setter is usually across the opposite hitter.

Another position is a Libero, the libero wears a different color jersey and plays back row. The libero goes in for both the middle hitters and is the best passer and receiver on the team. The libero’s specialty is defense.


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